Hi everyone, I’m Milo!!

I’m a singer / songwriter from Portsmouth and have been involved with music my whole life. From a Young age I’ve always loved performing in front of an audience and have participated in a number of musical theatre shows over the course of my previous years.

My main focus has and always will be music - from releasing original music to performing at different venues, it will always be my escape and is everything I’ve always wanted to do, and I feel so grateful that I’m presented with the opportunities I’ve been blessed with!

After being discovered at an open mic singing competition, I was offered the chance to develop my sound and record my own material at a professional level, and I haven’t stopped working ever since. Creating in the studio is what I look forward to daily and being in an environment with such energy and charisma to create is so important to me!!

I’ve always looked up and grew up with artists like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, who are two of my main influences now, but also the likes of Tori Kelly, Ariana Grande and many more!!

I do music and create because it’s an escape - an escape from the pressure of growing older, an escape from the pressure of education and an escape from everything going on around me when I need it most. I hope you love what I do, and if you follow my music and watch my shows, just know that I love you.

Thanking you gratefully,

Milo x